Written on June 17, 2008

Oh, yipes. I've been outa blog-land for a few days it seems. Lemme see. On Wednesday night, I went to the Intergroup meeting... boring, but our chairperson made sure it ended within an hour. I saw Kay and Ruth there, sat with Ruth.

Kay: Friend of 7 years who I met in my first several AA meetings. We both have Dutch roots, and I still like her hair.
Ruth: Friend of 5 years who used to go to my home group with Donna. She was my best friend for the first 4 years, then we kinda drifted into our lives, jobs, families, friends etc.
Rick: A guy with about 4 months of sobriety who seems like he's on still on drugs -- High energy level. Wonder what drug did that to him? Maybe a future band member?

Thursday and Friday are a blur. I have no clue. On Saturday, I went to the Alano dance and its attendance was terrible. This chick who seemed to know me (apparently who mentioned my friend Sally's name), asked me to her table to hang, but I'm deaf at dances, and I was saying what a lot. In retrospect, I probably should just pawed her. LOL.

But I asked her during 2 separate songs if she wanted to dance, and she didn't like the song, so I pretty much said to myself, screw this noise; I'm gonna go make my own fun, and all women suck anyway. So I stayed and closed up the place... no almost literally... I think I left even after the DJ and after the Alano lady.

I went home feeling like I kinda screwed up that one... again. And I was resolved to not care about my appearance or breath ever again; I'm destined to a life without a woman. Maybe I'll join a monestary or cult; might as well.

On Sunday, it was band practice at 11:00 a.m. and it went really well. Our Bass player was really doing well, and I'd asked Rick to join us and sing "Mustang Sally" coz I can't sing it. Glad I did. He's our man! We really freakin' rocked!!!!

I was told on Saturday that Donna's back in the Hospital. Apparently she'd been there over a week, and left straight from the Roundup a week ago due to cancer-related problems. I spose I should go see her again. Hell I'm not doing nothing tonight!

Today, my best friend Janet called me and I met her at my home group. I biked there, coz my car is noisier than an WWII bomber, and I don't need yappy neighbors. Janet took me back downtown in her van. We also 5 hours later had pizza together: her treat. She told me that there's something in the air these days; all the negative news in the papers and on the radio.

I'm feeling a little down. Maybe it's the ice cream from last night. As I think about how it's affected my mood, even now I'm still thinking of eating more. I also wanna go home and fool with my computer; I want to go buy a charger for my phone, and I'm tired.

I don't wanna go see my sponsor tomorrow. Bleh. I wish my car wasn't so dang noisy. Part of me would like to fix it; that should be fun.

I also need to make some prices so I can get some moving money.

Oh yes, I won a Lottario ticket worth $2.00 at the dance on Saturday night. I'm gonna check my numbers online. I know nothing about these lottery tickets. If I'm a zillionaire, I'll probably come back here and edit the message, so you can assume I didn't win!