Written on October 28, 2006
  • Niger is going to deport 150,000 Chad refugees from 2 decades ago back to Chad
  • Islamic Courts Union in Somalia is recruiting thousands preparing to fight Ethiopia
  • Villagers seize Royal Dutch Shell oil platforms in Nigeria because Shell wasn't providing them aid as pre-agreed.
  • [And even] the UK's surgeons are going to perform the first full face transplant.

I started my day surfing on the Internet, and catching up on the news. That's what I casually read at

Imagine my surprise when I turned on The National tonight. In the first 20 minutes, they covered these "important" (sarcasm) events:

  1. People are being swindled in lotteries by store clerks
  2. Seniors are being swindled in scams
  3. More dirt on Peter MacKay's alleged "dog" comment
  4. Government said the opposition is derailing legislative initiatives
  5. A pair of conjoined twins were born
  6. Tom Ellison's students' allegations of sexual manipulation
  7. Bush's concern of large number of casualties, but U.S. must keep fighting

Keeping us informed? I think not. Notice the first 2 stories point to our gullibility and stupidity. The third may be interesting, but it's silly. And the fourth one may be news, but hardly one of the more important things in the news today.

I get more news from Rick Mercer's [his blog link] show. Honestly.

I wrote Rick Mercer a letter containing the above. Maybe I should have waited until I got back on my meds? he-he.