Creating vs Ego

Written on February 28, 2020

Did A Harvard Graduate Ever Build Anything?

I don’t think so. Take the presidents.

Mount Rushmore

Jimmy Carter came out of a little college and farmed peanuts, so they say. Kennedy, admittedly came out of Harvard, but other than being well-remembered, didn’t really create anything; perhaps not enough time. Jefferson, perhaps one of the smartest statesmen in the last few hundred years came out of the College of William & Mary. Ever hear of it?

Take the movers and shakers of this past hundred years or so. Thomas Edison was self-educated. Henry Ford went to a business school and studied bookkeeping at a college. I can add to the list Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk.

Tesla in Space(X)

So what is produced in these Ivy League schools? Political and business leaders? But what do they actually contribute to humanity? Do they create anything, or build anything, or do they just make a ton of money and get a ton of fame?

Social Media and Ego

I create a lot of videos on YouTube. But I find myself looking at the stats and the likes and the comments. Am I concerned with what I’m creating or am I concerned with the validation of my existence?

Intrinsic Motivation

I started composing some piano melodies. And I thought I was going to do it daily. But really, it takes a lot of work. It takes me over 20 minutes to write out and polish the two bars that I can come up with within about two minutes. That’s not a lot, but it’s cutting into my practice time, and, worse yet, my analysis of my popularity statistics!

Composition #111,#112

I decided to start small, to keep the motivation going because I have experience with taking on bigger projects that are doomed to failure due to their scope.

The point is that every few days I write something in music, and after it is done, I get a satisfying feeling of having done something. Most of the other stuff I do daily, including spiritual work doesn’t seem to generate the same level of accomplishment.

Maybe it’s accomplishment; I don’t really know what it is. But I feel that creating something or practicing my creative craft is a much better expenditure of time than about 90 percent of the other stuff I do.

Victor Wooten, in The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music said:

Is your intention to make yourself better? If so, all the forces of your being may come to help you. But if your pure intention is to make all musicians better, the same way musicians before you have done, the forces of all these beings may come to your aid.

Til next time.