Day 191: Hours of Practice: 448, Estimated completion: June 24, 2024

Written on June 7, 2013

I've been keeping piano playing stats since November 28, 2012.  I write down how many minutes I play each piece.  One page per day.  Then on occasion, I enter them into the computer, which gives me stats.  So I'll have my 10,000 hours in 2024.  I have a little more than 11 years left.

Today was an unusually productive day with 202 minutes.  I'm working on the following:

  • Satin Doll (Duke Ellington), started Apr 17
  • Sonatine in C Major - Part I (Repertoire book 3, p 16), started Apr 24
  • Solitude (Duke Ellington et. al), started May 11

So today, along with my usual scales, blues chords, and sight-reading exercises that I almost always do, I was able to do the above three pieces in two separate sessions, and I worked extra long on them in the second session. 

I was reading a bit about "The Talent Code" which stresses Deep Practice, and I've been working on that today.  Instead of just going through difficult parts of the song, I'd play until I made a mistake, then replay just before the mistake, and redo it multiple times until I could play it mistake-free.  I think that up to this time, I would make the difficult measures a drill exercise: play them over and over.  But the difference here is to play until a mistake, and THEN redo.  Now a redo is only necessary if I make a mistake.  It might work.

I first heard about the 10,000 hours by reading Outliers, but my landlord told me about "The Talent Code" just this week.  I think Outliers is a great book, and it should be read if you haven't already.   Some of it seems useful.