Day 192, Four Hours of Piano Today

Written on June 8, 2013

Today I got in 248 minutes of piano practice.  There were five pieces that I practiced daily for a bit more than a month, you know, pieces I learned for lessons, and ones I was no longer expected to practice.

One week I had about seven pieces on the go, and my teacher said she wants to see if she can get some of those old ones finished (that is, practiced to a level that I didn't need to work on them anymore).  So I concentrated on the three oldest ones, and one week, she listened to the three of them, and said I didn't have to work on those anymore.  So the following week I struggled to catch up to material I hadn't played for three weeks!  I'm still trying to catch up!

But the downside of that "catching up" is that I neglected playing the five pieces I've practiced daily, so now I have to re-learn parts of them that I forgot in those weeks of neglect.

I'm expecting that I'll be able to play everything I ever played at lessons with the help of the book, perhaps not at the printed speed, but at least sounding reasonable.  My teacher says I should only do that to the ones I like, but I think I'll do it my way for now.

Since I took up piano, I never practice guitar at home, and only play it when with other musicians.  But today, I hauled it out to learn "Lean on Me".  I think I remembered the chords.  I'll just see if I can learn a guitar song a day, that's a good goal.  A little much, but hey, I have to have some material to play at the Maniwaki Roundup.