Day 193: Having an Instrument Worth Playing

Written on June 9, 2013

When I was a teenager, I had a guitar that I bought from Sears.  It wasn't their cheapest, so I figured I was doing well.  Now I know better.  The same money would have gotten me a Yahama in the city.  So anyway, years later when my friend showed me his Yahama, I thought, wow, what a difference!  I wanted to play it (and not mine)!

So up until last month I had been plugging my keyboard into a small-sized Kawai keyboard and I figured it was good enough.  But I got increasingly discouraged that the piano at the lessons sounded millions of times better, so I decided to connect it to my computer permanently, using linux software.  I knew the computer had a better sound, but I wanted to be able to play in front of my window which overlooks my trees, you know how it is.  So now, I play near my desk, but the sound has BROUGHT ME TO A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LEVEL!!!  So don't practice using crap.