Day 194: Jammed in the Sun, and Practicing Efficiently and Tirelessly

Written on June 9, 2013

J.P. and I went out to the Community Centre and we jammed a little outside with our acoustic guitars.  I invited some people at the last minute, but it ended up just being us, which was fine.  We did a weekly jam last year, but we rented a room for it, and we didn't feel like paying this year.  Playing with anyone increases your speed of learning, for both of you, regardless of their level.

My piano practice has become very targeted.  I only practice the one or two bars that I don't play at the normal speed, and I don't practice the rest at all.  Why?  Because I must have played them a few times to figure out which are the difficult parts; therefore no need to play stuff I already know.

Now about fatigue.  I've practiced over three and a half hours for each of the last four days.  I figured out how to do it.  I used to have a morning meditation routine, but now I play piano first.  I play for about two hours straight.  I then meditate, which gives me a break of nearly an hour.  I can practice more after that.  While meditating I do some neck exercises which I've found necessary since moving the piano to where my desk is.  Those exercises plus the break have seemed to solve my neck problem.

These days I don't get any wrist pain or arm pain at all, for weeks.  I attribute the lack of pain to the way I do my piano practice.  I practice two demanding pieces, then two exercises such as scales, sight reading, and blues chords.  I alternate between the stuff that is physically demanding (plus mentally challenging) with stuff that is less demanding.  And so ends my pain problem, and my stamina seems to have improved because of it.