If it gets more tense, I'm gonna deck my roomie

Written on June 6, 2008

Ok, so I slept in the tent last night, on Ellen's deck. Now I know where the expression "happy camper" exists. I'm not one. I'm damp. I feel icky. I need a shower. I need a freakin' bed!

Ok, so I'm telling Ellen that if I'm not emptying my car into my new room today by 3pm, I'm freakin outa here. Last night, while unable to sleep, I went and bought a mondo bag of chips; ate half. It was thirty minutes after midnight. It's not the best sleeping agent, but I guess my sleeping quarters are not currently attracting cuter ones.

I can't tent no more. It was raining like heck. Ick.

I went to the breakfast meeting this morning after about five days haiatus from lack of support. It was ok. One older member heard my dissatisfaction with my tent situation. I shared "I didn't drink last night, I didn't drink today". That was pretty much it... I didn't even say why.

I'm heading to the lunch meeting downtown. Maybe I'll see Ellen there. I'm not holding my breath. On the way I'll have chips for brekkie. :)