More on Overconsumption, Harmony With Nature, Spiritual Pursuits

Written on July 8, 2012

The "Sermon on the Mount" speaks of worrying about food and clothes (i.e. material things) and states that even the birds and the plants are provided for, certainly humans will be provided for.  It states that "pagans" chase after the material even though their needs will be met by the "heavenly Father".  But the solution seems to be in the last line of the paragraph:

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Of course, our problem is not so much a problem of lack, but of excesses.  Not of poverty, but of gluttony.

I'm led to believe that some cultures place a great emphasis on living in harmony with the planet.  It seems that most of us can't live harmoniously with nature unless we expend a great deal of effort to do so, and even then, only if it is socially enforced.

I seem to hear from time to time that we've been placed on this earth seemingly with an unfulfilled craving for something.  It's probably a craving that has led some to perform great accomplishments, and create great things.  However it's like an unfulfilled need.  Some people believe that this is somewhat a spiritual emptiness, and can be fulfilled with spiritual pursuits; no doubt it's very helpful.  But while we are at times spiritual, it seems very difficult to sustain, and therefore we are left once again in a state of emptiness. 

Why do we believe that chasing money, sex, possessions, companionship, power and even food will fulfill this?  It's not rational when repeated experiments has shown us that it still leaves us spiritually empty.  This is hardly what a rational being would do.  But we continue, forever searching for that elusive thing that will complete us.