Reacting vs Observing

Written on March 11, 2020

Observe Yourself Reacting

Maybe our mission in this life is to recognize our spiritual center and use it as a guide to our lives. You may say you already believe this, but there’s more to it.

Maybe we came to this earth from a place of light and inhabited a human body. This human body also comes with its own thoughts and emotions. There is the rub, as Shakespeare said.

Body Snatchers movie poster

Our emotions and thoughts are very strong, and can overwhelm our spiritual nature. Our ego, as some like to use that term, also comes with pride, self-sufficiency a sense of being right, a sense of being the center of the universe, and an unrelenting and insane drive to get its needs met.

With this drive comes the unfortunate situation that there are other such beings on this planet, and this ego thing occassionaly stomps all over them in its sinister pursuit.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Codependent No More, p65:

In a large chorus … if the guy next to us gets off key, must we? Wouldn’t it help him, and us, more to strive to stay on key? We can learn to hold our part. //Reacting: Rarely can we do our best at anything in this state of mind. There is little in our lives that we cannot do better if we are peaceful. //…But don’t reject yourself, and don’t give so much power to other people’s rejection of you. //Practice detachment. Separate yourself from this. Leave things alone, let people be who they are. //We don’t have to react. We can exercise our right to choose how we want to act, think, feel and behave.

Rejected While Singing Badly

I guess I found the solution to what I’m supposed to do in a state of turmoil. It’s from The Untethered Soul. Here Singer is talking about a loneliness you may feel when seeing a happy couple when you are recently single again, but it applies to all turmoil:

What can you do to solve this besides eating something, calling somebody, or doing something else that might quiet it down? What you can do is notice that you noticed. You can notice that your consciousness was watching TV, and now it is watching your inner melodrama. The one who sees this is you, the subject. What you are looking at is an object. A feeling of emptiness is an object; it is something you feel. But who feels it? Your way out is to just notice who’s noticing. It’s really that simple. It is much less complex than the protective apparatus with all its ball bearings, wheels, and hydraulics. All you have to do is notice who it is that feels the loneliness. The one who notices is already free.

The one who notices is our spiritual self. We just forgot.

Til next time.