Rebecca Black, Why Google and YouTube will Fail, Tyranny of the Masses

Written on June 21, 2011

I watched Rebecca Black's video about 20 times.   Why?  I'm a musician, and I know better.

I was manipulated.

I watched some deep voiced guy singing some repetitive song over and over again.   Same reason.  Manipulated.

Internet memes: How YouTube's rating system is no representation of quality, as a matter of fact it's the opposite. Check out the link below, and scroll down to the section titled "Memes" and read the real reason why Chocolate Rain became popular.Internet's definition of a meme: inside jokes for people who have no friends with whom to have real inside jokes.

Why does Google's search engine rely on sheer numbers to determine the rankings.  Why do YouTube's visitors place any creedence on number of views as any measure of anything?  All of these numbers are manipulatable.  In 1995, every single web site had a "hit counter".  Now almost none do.  Why?  Because it doesn't mean a thing, and it was abused ad nauseum.

The same thing is happening with YouTube and Google search engine.