Routines to Keep Me Sane

Written on January 18, 2020

I’ve been getting up 15 minutes earlier daily until I get nearer to 10am. I had to do this when I got up at 1:30 twice.

I’ve been slowly getting rid of some of the loose papers all over the place by doing daily the following: Pick up one piece of paper at a time, placing it in a better location (such as a file folder, recycle, or garbage, or box of common stuff). I keep at it until I throw out six items. It takes me about 15 or 20 minutes to do daily. I’ve been doing it for almost two weeks.

I started the week in quite a low mood, and hit a low point when I realized that I couldn’t attend the Noon time AA meeting even if I wanted to, and I had cause to; because someone was getting a chip. So these routines and a very routine day have helped me stay sane.

I do my morning meditation after a shower (as I’ve always done), making tea during the shower. Then I read two of the AA pages, writing out gratitudes and things I like about myself. I then sit quietly for five to 10 minutes.

I then do piano until 5pm. Since I’ve been getting up after 12pm, this is not so long. Oh, at 3pm I play five minutes of violin. At 3:15, I study words for the Scrabble Club, which I may resume one day.

At 5pm, I have a bath (to warm up), usually, while making supper. Then, I read the things on my mirror, read two spiritual pages, listen to Hay for three minutes a day, then meditate for seven minutes.

After that I read two pages from about four books that I’m reading. Then I do computer geekery for a few hours, working a little bit on a few programming languages a day. I’ll have a late meal around 930pm. Then I either do some fun computer stuff, or mess around with my YouTube site, or see developments from Elon Musk’s companies, via YouTube.

It’s been quite a blessing to hear my friend offering to drive me to Music in Recovery this weekend, and another to be able to go to the support group with a friend; it’s like it pulls me a bit out of my isolated state, since I’ve been unable to do it myself.

Here are some latest YouTube videos, tap on them to see the video.

Here is a work in progress of “The Rose” on piano, with 71% speed (I overestimated how fast I’d been playing), and a few jarring errors, including the last note! However it’s still played in time, so it can be sung over. Do the usual to download, tap on it to listen: The Rose, Jan 17, 2020