The Dust is Settling. Now let's clean this joint.

Written on June 9, 2008

It's Monday. Wow, a lot has happened. Ok, I'll try to take U thru it chronologically.

Friday: I went to a noon meeting, not expecting to see Ellen (new roomie), but I did. Then I bought her a coffee. I found out that she'd said "the house is not ready yet, coz they now need to ensure I have an insurance policy on the house".

So, since I'm a former homeowner, we called my insurance broker; figgerin I'd put the home insurance under my name. No dice.

However I gave Ellen the phone, and then I did some shopping. I had to move my car twice during all that... it took a long time to get this done; and I was parked downtown. So I found out that at Heartman's Grocer, when you get your "parking validation" they give you a code number to type in upon exiting the garage, and they say "you have fifteen minutes before this number expires". Well they mean it. It expired. So on top of my stress, I had to press a button on the parking exit and talk to the attendant; she didn't seem too pleased, but eventually let me out, gratis.

So I moved my car to some weird side street, and Ellen was STILL on the phone. I swear if this had been the U.S., the operator would have told her "insert two hundred dollars for the previous 56 minutes". But it was an 800 number, and it didn't cost me a red cent.

So she gets off the phone, just after I tell her "ensure you have a policy number". So I come back from shopping or moving or something; oh ya, I remember now, I was hitting on a cutie in the grocery store. ("I don't think so", and giving me back my contact information may or may not mean that she's interested, I dunno; but I doubted the benefit of my giving).

So, Ellen told me "I just phoned the lawyer's office, and they said that they have the keys waiting for me.". Both of us nearly dropped on the floor from surprise, relief. Especially after a war's worth of stress, and waiting, and frustration, and depression.

So we walk to the lawyer's office, get keys in about 2 seconds, and then leave there. We walk to the shelter so Ellen can pack up her belongings and tell them to go get bent.

Then I go fool around, and dump my stuff in her house, now that I have a copy of the keys myself. Not nice to break in like that. I'll be amending some year, mebbe.

It didn't stink in her place! Upstairs was a little "lived in" smelling, so I opened those windows. Then I went to pick up Ellen, to drive to our new home. But the frickin' car goes over a bump of construction, and the fricking Catalytic converter starts dragging. Bad. Real bad.

We spend about 40 minutes downtown fixing this thing. Remember it's 5:30pm now. And I tell Ellen, "why does God not want you back at your place"?. Some guy eventually comes by with wire, and I wire the thing to the door. Net result: a door that doesn't open anymore. A trunk that doesn't close anymore (dunno why just now?), and a side mirror that looks broken of its bracket. Lot of damage for one day!

Ellen tells me when we finally get home that God is telling me to STAY PUT. and not drive to New Brunswick, and not consider leaving. Now the car's in the driveway; it hasn't moved since we drove it from downtown at 1 mile an hour; about 12 blocks. Car looks bad! :(

I phoned all my best friends to say I was OK. I had to, I figured; coz this past week I hit a bottom, and I had to let them know I'm OK.

So I tell Ellen "I'm esctatic to be here". On Saturday morning, I tell her "I'm extatic to be here". I phoned Sally and had her over for lunch, then Sally and I went to an AA gettogether for the day. It was good. My cancer friend Donna came too, and we sat together for the meal. That was good. My best friend and her sponsee came to sit with us to; and here I am thinking I have lots of friends surrounding me, I have a supportive house at home, and life is good.


I got up at 6 a.m. had egg sandwiches. I am starting my third day of three meals a day. So I take a bus to the FIRST meeting of the NEW DAY group. This was after trying to lock the damn door on the house. I spent 15 minutes trying to lock it. The key has not been cut right. I felt angry. Damn fools, can't do a good job. And damner fools, not trying my key.

The meeting went well, some friends were there. It was uncomfortable as hell tho, because they started the group with TRADITION ONE. That's not a good idea. Hard to warm up to such stuff. But I'm thinking of joining that group... essentially I'm group-less because of my Wednesday volunteering, I'm unable to attend the business meeting of my home group.

I'm going to the Lunch Bunch, and maybe my roomie will be there. I also need to order Internet. I already phoned the Internet people (National Capital Freenet: NCF) and left a message, but I have to email them too for the address info. They want cash, I'm sure, so I'll have to bring it to near Westboro station, I think... at trailhead.