Trusting My Own Inner Voice

Written on December 18, 2012

As part of my morning ritual, I was reading from "Conversations With God (Book 1)" around the part where he talks about how we have allowed ourselves to be guided, (or perhaps controlled?) by the wills, the judgment, and morals of others rather than trusting our own moral compass.  Apparently we do most things because of what others would think, or that's how you are expected to behave. 

This leads me to the topic of what a great responsibility it would be to act in accordance to your own values, and your own judgments, and to try and find that inner voice, untainted by the overwhelming voice of what society expects.  That would be a challenge.  But it might be worth spending some time thinking and meditating about.

We do so much just to please, to be accepted (especially), and because it's the norm.  Walsch (the author [or the voice of God, depending on your point of view]),  told us that we are all given the power to choose, to make decisions based on the gathering of facts, but much of the time, our final action is usually really based not on our own intuition and inner judgment, but on what is expected of us.

It might be better (and definitely the harder path to take) to follow our inner voice, but first we have to ask it, and then listen attentively.