Went from 300 hits to 2300 hits per month. Wow. And Piano.

Written on October 27, 2012

Well now that I'm a rock star on the Internet world, I'll share my vast knowledge.  Well I'm kidding.  I thought it might have something to do with all my new articles that are more personal and less technical, but alas, no, the most hits are about how to install some software.  Admittedly it's a fine article, and number one on Google (wow I have hit number one in Google, that's really amazing), but you DO have to search for 3 words specifically.  (Yes many people have searched those words).

So I thought I'd write about obsessions.  Currently I've been at piano.  I've been at it since before September 14 (which I documented) but I don't know how long, probably at least 2 months.  Generally my obsessions last 3 months, then I go on to something else without even realizing I've left the first thing. 

My obsession with learning Japanese lasted under 2 months I think.  Once I learned how to write all the letters in Hiragana, I think I figured I'd had enough.  Hopefully this piano thing will last longer, as music has been a part of my life for 3 decades.

Well today I set out to practice 6 pieces.  I've been at it for um over three hours already, and so far I've only practiced the first piece.  I want to get it just right.  Oh why can't I move on and be like normal people.  I feel like Rain Man when I'm doing this.  You know, concentrating on one thing repetitively while ignoring all other things.  I was surprised when a roommate about six years ago said that I get great joy in performing things like an autistic person.  But later I realized that this seemed to be true.  There's probably some value in there somewhere.  I come from a long line of perfectionists; actually a whole culture of perfectionists.    I remember my siblings whenever something new was built, they'd look at it very carefully to see if anything was even slightly off, so that kept everyone on their toes.  And it wasn't too bad, because most of us took great care and pride in everything we built, and made sure that there was nothing that was slightly off.  I think it's part of the Dutch culture, but i'm not sure.  I do know that it's part of the Dutch culture to voice your strong opinions, even if they will make someone uncomfortable or feel bad.

Yikes I hope there's not too much baggage in this post.  Oh well, so what if there is.  It's likely that you are the only one reading it.

I've also started reading some of the old classic books too.  I've started reading Dickens "The Old Curiosity Shop" which I started 10 years ago but never finished, and I've ordered (from the library) Jane Eyre, which I read several times before.  I'd like to read "Brave New World" which I never read, and maybe re-read "Nineteen Eighty-Four".  I just happened to notice this month that I had no stories to read, see, hear or anything, and like a crazy person, of course I'm gonna jump in with both feet and read like it had just been invented.

Balance?  What balance.